ControlKey Input
MovementW, A, S, D or arrow keys
Fire (not available at start)Enter
End turn (prematurely)
Menu tab or esc

You only go in turn based combat when near enemies. Use all attack and movement to end your turn.

If you back stab an enemy you will do double damage.

Defeat your way through the nine  three layers of hell to escape and be alive once more.

This was a re-imagining of the game we made for our first ever game jam back in 2016. I think we've gotten better in the last 5 years, but you can look at the old game, and judge for yourself if you want

Known Issues

Speedy bois - Enemies will sometimes have excessive movement and will run right up to you. Not attack though so it's not a death sentence.

Rare - Getting locked in a room. It is possible for you to get stuck in a room because it locks you in for no reason.

Camera not snapping - On a restarting game from main menu the camera won't snap to rooms


Download 19 MB


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Pretty challenging game. Seemed like it was going to be very predictable and then it was not. Nice suprise.

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