You are very very ill. Against all your best efforts you can stay awake no longer... and you fall asleep. As you dream your virus tries to take over your body, sending an army through your system to destroy you... But you dream you are a viking, you are powerful and strong. You fight to keep yourself alive, so you may awaken from this horrible fever dream.


Game Boy ControlKeyboard
D-PadArrow Keys
SelectRight Shift
Power SwitchEscape (Hold)


If you attack a monster first you will do an initial burst of damage. If they hit you first you will start the fight sequence damaged.

Hitting A and B at the correct time will deal damage to the monster.

Hitting the directional buttons at the correct time will defend you from the monster's attacks.

WebGL note

The game has not been extensively tested in WebGL.  If you encounter any major problems please let us know and try the download version of the game instead.  We are confident that the downloadable zip should work as intended.

GitHub Link


Download 21 MB

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