Welcome to a mysterious land. A land where you have woken up in a meadow, which is a very unusual turn of events.  

You are a chicken.

That event is perfectly normal. You have always been a chicken. But not a chicken in a meadow.

 Make your way back to where you need to be. Return to your post. Return to your duty. Return to your destiny.


Game Boy button
D-padWASD / Arrows

A button
I (i) / C

B button
X / J

StartY / space / E

SelectT / L Shift / Q

Power Switch
Esc (held)


A classic style RPG game. Explore the world. Discover items. Expand your party. Fight challenging foes... or not. Sorry. Jam time took that one away.


You push A to get through doors. You do not simply walk into them.

Nests contain loot.

Items are equipped to the active character.

Palette is Ayy4 by Polyducks https://lospec.com/palette-list/ayy4


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The art, music, and dialogue are all really well done! I liked the kind of trilling bird-like bit in the music.

Sounds like, from the jam comments, you didn't have time to finish - do you think you will later, or just leave this as is? Anyway, it's nice just to explore, cluck, and kick around a bit.

Love how you can just kick all the time. I laughed at that.

Though, at points i experienced weird feeling when i couldn't go through certain areas. And it wouldn't have been much of a problem if there would be one of those skulls or rocks to indicate the player visually that "yes, you can't go past this area", but there were none. So it felt kind of awkward. Like encountering an invisible wall in an open world game.

With that said, the artwork, writing, and overall visual presentation is pretty great. Absolutely lovely to look at.